January 2021

Bremhill Parish Stories

Your help is needed! An important note from Louise, our Historian. Please give this careful consideration.

On the Bremhill Parish History project, we have worked hard to uncover stories from Bremhill’s past, such as from wills and census returns. But we have not yet engaged with the resource we have within the community itself, its people! Personal testimonies are important. They provide insights which are often missing from the history books. I know Bremhill school closed in 1969, but I do not know what that felt like for those who attended or their families.

Recently, we did a workshop on oral history interviews to help us tap into those stories. I would invite anyone who has a story and would be willing to write or talk about their memories of the parish during the twentieth century to contact me (email: louise.ryland-epton@open.ac.uk) or to write their stories and send them in to hello@bremhillparishhistory.com.

If it is easier and you would rather talk about them, contact your Bremhill Parish History Group village coordinator (see below) who will be pleased to transcribe them for you. Covid-19 makes interviews more difficult but not impossible, so we would also welcome written submissions on people’s memories of living and working in the parish. Any stories from the parish during World War II or in its aftermath would be particularly welcome. Thank you!

Dr Louise Ryland-Epton

We are also seeking photographs or images that could accompany written memories and would be of historical interest or enhance the contribution. Any such item would be scanned and returned immediately. The Village Co-ordinators are: Bremhill, Bremhill Wick, Ratford – Isobel Moore/Ewen Bird • Stanley – Derek McCord • East Tytherton – Tom King • Tytherton Lucas – Helen Stuckey • Foxham – Craig Gingell