February 2021

Bremhill Parish Stories

On the Bremhill Parish History project, we are working hard to uncover stories from Bremhill’s past, not just from centuries past but also the recent past, the twentieth century. We had hoped to conduct some oral history interviews this month, but the current lockdown makes that impossible. Last month, I invited anyone who had a story to share or memories of living and working in the parish during the twentieth century to consider writing it down and sending it in. We have had some interesting submissions, but I would love to have more.

If you went to school or worked in the parish, married at the church, attended the WI 50 years ago, remember a fascinating personality from your youth or a significant event, or anything you think may be of interest from the last century, please think about sharing it. Just write it down and email: louise.rylandepton@open.ac.uk or hello@bremhillparishhistory.com or contact your village coordinator detailed below.

Thank you!

Dr Louise Ryland-Epton

The Village Co-ordinators are:

• Bremhill, Bremhill Wick, Ratford, Stanley – Ewen Bird/Isobel Moore/Derek McCord (all on ewen@bremhill.com)

• East Tytherton – Tom King (tomwbking@googlemail.com)

• Tytherton Lucas – Helen Stuckey (helen_stuckey@btinternet.com)

• Foxham – Craig Gingell (craig.gingell@gmail.com)