Bremhill, Foxham and East Tytherton Home Guard

Zoom Talk on Bremhill, Tytherton and Foxham platoons of the home guard between 1941 - 1944. By David Wood

It’s May 1940, Britain has been at war with Germany since September of 1939 and in the last few weeks the German Nazis have made major advances across Europe. The French army is about to capitulate and the British expeditionary force is in retreat. It appears that the Nazi assault on the British Isles is about to happen. There was a change of government and when Churchill became prime minister on May 10, 1940, Eden was named secretary of state for war. Within a few days Eden spoke to the nation on the wireless urging men not already in war service to become local defence volunteers. The men of the parish quickly responded to his request and this is their story.

David, since retiring over 20 years ago has continued his research on local history generally within the parish and has often published his findings for the benefit of all. David’s current area of interest is in the little known medieval settlement in Stanley and also the influence of the poorly understood Roman town of Verlucio across the parish.

Recorded on 25th March 2021