Bremhill Parish: a community history project

Louise Ryland-Epton, the principal author of this new and beautifully produced award-winning history of Bremhill Parish, and Martin Nye, Chair of the Wiltshire Museum and one of the coordinators of the Bremhill Parish History Group, will talk about this community history project and share some of the stories that were uncovered.

“This charming book on Bremhill Parish by Louise Ryland-Epton gives us a vivid flavour of life in north Wiltshire from the 10th century to the present day. The stories of the places and people who have lived in this beautiful rural area are fascinating, and the excellent photographs and illustrations enhance and enliven the text.

The book has been produced in parallel with Chippenham’s volume of the Victoria County History, with local people working alongside professional historians.

This innovative project has resulted in an accomplished and engaging history of a typical – and at the same time unique – Wiltshire parish. It makes me proud to live in this county.”

Sarah Troughton HM Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire