Maud Heath is 500 Today (1975)

Courtesy of "The Films of John Greenwood"

Five hundred years ago a woman called Maud Heath created a five mile causeway to the market in Chippenham. This film is a celebration of her heroic effort by a group of followers tracing her route on a glorious summer day in 1975 - set to Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony.

From John Greenwood's notes:

"Shot on 16mm colour in the glorious summer of 1975 this thirty minute documentary is perhaps my most satisfying work. Maud was a gallant lady who created a causeway from her home to Chippenham to help those walking to market to keep their feet dry - a distance of some five miles.

The film follows a procession from Maud's monument into Chippenham with the girl playing Maud on horseback. This posed problems as I had to frame each shot on the run as well as change film reels with nothing planned, shooting on the hoof (no pun intended).

There were some pleasant surprises along the way to a park where the participants celebrated with a hog roast and a mummy's play.

The most pleasing aspect was the musical background of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony - which perfectly matched the visuals."