October 2020

Bremhill Parish History Event - 11th/12th/13th September

On horseback, by cycle, walking, or by car, the history trail seekers enjoyed some, or, in many cases, all of the heritage sites in glorious Bremhill Parish sunshine, pausing to read an information board positioned at each stop with a Q code for more details or choosing a section of the trail on the newly developed App.

The four evening talks by way of Zoom were equally well received from the forty or so ‘Zoomers’ with wide ranging topics on why Bremhill Parish is of such historical interest. Talks included the rise and fall of the Wilts & Berks canal that runs through the Parish, the origins of Bremhill village as an Anglo-Saxon enclosure set over what could have been an Iron-Age fort.

The heroes and villains of a past community, identified against what was frequently a background of injustice or oppression, and finally, theories were expounded as to how Wiltshire ‘Moonrakers’ evolved to the present day by examining geology, social attitudes, allegiances, food, work and transport infrastructures.

The event is being expanded upon with further research and topics to finally become a substantial and attractive book along with the interactive website. The talks were recorded and are available on our website at https://www.bremhillparishhistory.com/events/history-festival